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Do you want to file an act?

Lawyer, bailiff, collection company, private individual ... save time and file your documents directly (summons, service of judgment, order for payment ...).


Our Office of judicial officers will take care of serving them as soon as possible.

For any document whose service must be made within 24 hours, it is imperative to contact us by telephone on Tel: 02 35 83 74 67

Whether you need legal advice for a specific act, the perspective of an expert on a case, before starting any procedure, or solid support during a dispute, do not hesitate to Contact us.


Our Tariff

The Decree of February 28, 2020 sets the new rate applicable to acts and formalities from March 1, 2020: = id

A Decree determines the method making it possible to set the prices of judicial officers in the extension of the law of March 23, 2019

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